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Alwyn Adkins
Alwyn Adkins

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PostSubject: Registration   Registration EmptySun Aug 23, 2009 11:27 pm

To start the registration process, simply click on the "Register" link above.
You must register using your own name or a well-known pseudonym that will allow other forum members to recognise you. This policy will stop abusive posts.

When registering, please use a private/personal email address.
After you have submitted your registration details (name, personal email address and password) your account will be activated by Admin. You may get a phone call, SMS or email to verify your registration.
If you have any problems with registering or logging in, contact AA; phone contact details can be found in "Where is crew" on Crewnet or email forumotion AT aaproductions DOT net.
By registering, you agree to the following rules:
- Use your commonsense. Don't post something that you may regret or that may be used against you later. Deleting and editing of posts can only be done by the moderators. This forum has been created for benefit of all so please, if you want to be firm, be reasonable about it.
- Do not copy text from this forum and use it elsewhere without the poster's permission.
- Please behave ethically in relation to other's posts. You may not like the content but please do not use their posts against them without their knowledge. We are all grownups and should be able to sort out differences in a civilised manner. You all know how to contact each other through company channels and you can also send personal messages through this forum. If you still feel aggrieved, feel free to contact Admin for resolution.
- Do not allow your login to be used by anybody else. It is a relatively simple task to watch who is (and who has been) on the board and where you are viewing from so if any scurrilous behavior is suspected, you will be found out, quizzed and possibly banned.
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